Actualización foro version 3.0.11

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Actualización foro version 3.0.11

Mensaje sin leer por TheShadow » 10 Sep 2012 17:19

en unos dias se procedera a la actualizacion del for a la version 3.0.11, por tanto si veis que una tarde esta fuera de servicio,.. NO PREOCUPARSEEEE
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Cortando encendido...
Mensajes: 8108
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Re: Actualización foro version 3.0.11

Mensaje sin leer por TheShadow » 22 Sep 2012 08:14

ya en nuevo nivel, si veis algo raro avisar...
para los que preguntas los cambio o mejoras, estos son , respecto a la version anterior...
•[PHPBB3-7432] - Unclear language for Inactive Users on ACP main page
•[PHPBB3-8652] - Duplicate Emails Sent When Subscribed to Forum and Topic
•[PHPBB3-9079] - Display backtrace on all E_USER_ERROR errors, not only SQL errors (when DEBUG_EXTRA is enabled)
•[PHPBB3-9084] - Unable to display 'option equal to non entered value' if dropdown CPF is not required
•[PHPBB3-9089] - PM message title box not accessible via Tab key
•[PHPBB3-9220] - Blue border width when table in a div
•[PHPBB3-9681] - Password length not in security settings
•[PHPBB3-9813] - fulltext_native.php on innodb loading deadly slow for big indexes
•[PHPBB3-9831] - Cannot change default of Boolean checkbox custom profile field
•[PHPBB3-10094] - Clear cache before phpBB installation
•[PHPBB3-10129] - Missing apostrophes in ACP user management -> permissions
•[PHPBB3-10349] - Unit tests do not remove comments from schemas
•[PHPBB3-10399] - Special characters aren't parsed in style component variables
•[PHPBB3-10401] - auth_ldap has an incorrect return value in login_ldap()
•[PHPBB3-10407] - Incorrect check for empty image file paths during conversion
•[PHPBB3-10428] - optionget/optionset functions in session.php and acp_users.php incorrectly check whether $data is at its default value
•[PHPBB3-10456] - Subsilver2 does not define $CAPTCHA_TAB_INDEX
•[PHPBB3-10508] - Marking forums as read displays misleading language
•[PHPBB3-10511] - Grammar defect in permissions language
•[PHPBB3-10512] - Test failure when no default timezone is set in php
•[PHPBB3-10532] - Out of range $start causes a page with no search results but with pagination
•[PHPBB3-10538] - Special character are not correctly parsed for SMTP protocol
•[PHPBB3-10542] - Incorrect class="postlink" in styles/subsilver2/template/faq_body.html
•[PHPBB3-10546] - Argument missing for adm_back_link() in acp_captcha.php
•[PHPBB3-10561] - All users can choose deactivated styles.
•[PHPBB3-10569] - template/ucp_main_front.html does not correctly handle active topic with the name "0"
•[PHPBB3-10580] - Default tz in registration dropdown not the same as the board default tz
•[PHPBB3-10589] - user_birthday does not use table alias in $leap_year_birthdays variable definition
•[PHPBB3-10605] - Orpahned privmsgs are left in the prvmsgs table, with no ties in privmsgs_to table
•[PHPBB3-10606] - $s_hidden_fields -> incorrect array name (3 files affected)
•[PHPBB3-10611] - Add a check for selected tables existence for ACP database backup tool
•[PHPBB3-10615] - Static calls in utf normalizer yield E_STRICT spam on php 5.4
•[PHPBB3-10630] - Prune Users produced unnecessarily long query; Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes
•[PHPBB3-10633] - Users are able to get the real filename of attachment
•[PHPBB3-10639] - negative value of ranks message
•[PHPBB3-10658] - Rank-item is not shown on team-list
•[PHPBB3-10675] - Use more descriptive message when disk is out of space
•[PHPBB3-10684] - Function user_notification() prevents notifications for users with stale bans
•[PHPBB3-10689] - Bug in the popup " Find a member" when select by letter.
•[PHPBB3-10691] - Search index creation CLI script incorrectly calculates indexing speed
•[PHPBB3-10699] - Long h2 title breaks div.minitabs in MCP
•[PHPBB3-10708] - After a conversion, passwords with UTF8 characters do not work when user_pass_convert is set.
•[PHPBB3-10717] - memberlist_view.html: including admin defined profile fields doesnt work
•[PHPBB3-10723] - Do not use SQLite on PHP 5.4 in Tests on Travis
•[PHPBB3-10731] - JS function addquote() works incorrectly in Opera
•[PHPBB3-10751] - MS SQL Error when searching Admin Log
•[PHPBB3-10760] - In pre-commit git hook, syntax error is thrown, but is not specifically described
•[PHPBB3-10767] - Git hooks do not work properly with git GUIs
•[PHPBB3-10774] - db_tools::create_unique_index does not use specified index names on MySQL
•[PHPBB3-10790] - Strict comparison on user_id for sending pms
•[PHPBB3-10797] - Template var for user rank not filled
•[PHPBB3-10835] - Misleading message in UCP when no permission to change password
•[PHPBB3-10846] - Missing alias for MAX(post_id) in SQL query in acp_main.php
•[PHPBB3-10849] - Missing BBCode Help Text in subsilver2
•[PHPBB3-10858] - $db->sql_fetchfield returns false with mssqlnative
•[PHPBB3-10860] - Side-by-side diff styling javascript bug
•[PHPBB3-10881] - Some files use 0xA9 as the copyright symbol which is neither ASCII nor the UTF8 copyright symbol.
•[PHPBB3-10887] - Auto increment tests depend on varbinary handling
•[PHPBB3-10889] - Default value for c_char_size in database unit tests is an empty string instead of a char(4)
•[PHPBB3-10890] - test_sql_fetchrow_returns_false_when_empty() fails on MSSQL and Oracle
•[PHPBB3-10908] - No remote avatar size limit results in files limited only by PHP memory limit
•[PHPBB3-10913] - Admin is logged out when accessing any url under adm/ without session id

•[PHPBB3-8599] - Add "Select All" to "Add multiple smilies" screen
•[PHPBB3-8636] - Add resync option to topic_view moderation page
•[PHPBB3-9876] - Names and descriptions for roles "Newly registered User" in "User roles" and "Forum roles" must be different
•[PHPBB3-9914] - Add backup warning to Automatic DB Updater
•[PHPBB3-9916] - License in header not linking to version 2 of GNU GPL
•[PHPBB3-10093] - Make commit-msg hook always not fatal
•[PHPBB3-10162] - Allow TLDs over 6 characters in email addresses
•[PHPBB3-10280] - Change the ACP user activation display
•[PHPBB3-10308] - Disable Retain/Delete Posts selection if the user has no posts.
•[PHPBB3-10453] - PM viewmessage page is misplacing the online icon
•[PHPBB3-10492] - Port functional tests to develop-olympus
•[PHPBB3-10507] - Sort installed styles list in admin control panel - styles
•[PHPBB3-10550] - Sort not installed styles list in admin control panel - styles
•[PHPBB3-10563] - ACP usability improvement: show deactivated styles below active styles in styles list
•[PHPBB3-10565] - Performance: Unneeded GROUP BY in update_forum_tracking_info
•[PHPBB3-10607] - phpBB Credit Line Hardcoded
•[PHPBB3-10653] - Add ability to count table rows to database abstraction layer
•[PHPBB3-10730] - Add label tags around "select" text in post splitting UI in MCP
•[PHPBB3-10764] - FAQ mentions SourceForge
•[PHPBB3-10812] - Installer should not display register globals UI for php 5.4+
•[PHPBB3-10815] - Enable Feeds by default
•[PHPBB3-10819] - Improve side-by-side diff styling
•[PHPBB3-10834] - Backport general development language changes in readme files
•[PHPBB3-10836] - Enable Avatars by default
•[PHPBB3-10891] - Allow specifying test config file name via environment variable
•[PHPBB3-10892] - Cosmetic improvements to RUNNING_TESTS.txt
•[PHPBB3-10898] - Do not write ?> into config.php to avoid whitespace output

New Feature
•[PHPBB3-10616] - Add template inheritance by default

•[PHPBB3-10907] - Mark (var)binary tests as incomplete on non-MySQL DBMSes

•[PHPBB3-9896] - Update links in docs/readme.html
•[PHPBB3-10434] - Add a script that allows creating a search index from CLI
•[PHPBB3-10455] - Remove NOTE from header files
•[PHPBB3-10694] - Update notification in ACP (Olympus) for increase of minimum PHP version to 5.3.2
•[PHPBB3-10718] - Add Travis CI
•[PHPBB3-10788] - Update docs/AUTHORS for 3.0.11-RC1
•[PHPBB3-10909] - Update Travis Test Configuration: Travis no longer supports PHP 5.3.2
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